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Welcome to Mewpedia

Mewpedia is a mediawiki encyclopedia that goes about Pokémon, a wiki that everyone can contribute to. This website have started since June 9, 2013 1 articles on various kinds of pages that contains about Pokémon and evenly Pokémon related.

The biggest goal Mewpedia wants to achieve is to be one of the top ranked Pokémon information website, always accepting new contributers, always giving away information towards loyal Pokémon fans and always the latest news about Pokémon. This is our ambition and what we strive for, to become one of the best Pokémon encyclopedia ever.

Everyone is free to edit Mewpedia, only before you've read the rules before you are starting with editing. If you need any help, then don't hesitate to ask a administrator, they will help you at any time when you need for.

Today is Tuesday May 22, 2018